Wednesday 9 March 2011

Global Times on Charlie Sheen: Pure, concentrated awesomeness

Global Times (no, really, Global Times) runs with an awesome piece criticising Charlie Sheens recent drug/ego/craziness-inspired going-off-the-rails gonzoism for its lack of filial piety. Yes, at first I was a bit dubious, the opener almost could be a bona fide GT agit-prop editorial, but the more you read into the piece, the more awesome it becomes. The name of the editorialist is also a bit of a giveaway. Go there now and read it before it goes the way of Ask Alessandro.

[Picture: Not the editorialist being mobbed by crazed fans. Via Wikicommons]


Anonymous said...

This is great fun. The question now, who is this prankster?

And yes, HH reads like a uni-dimensional parody. Post on the unseasonal weather in north China, and they then respond by attributing it to anti Chinese western media bias.

I think the site utilises computer generated comments


some guy said...

Check out Hao's other article:

I actually LOLed reading that one.

What else is interesting is that the GT Sheen article is now making the rounds of Western Media who are hilariously not getting that it's just some foreigner working at GT taking them for a ride.

Anonymous said...

FOARP. Fell off the bloody sofa on that one. Should cut and paste the good thigh bit, but I know that you are running a family friendly site.

"This so-called iPhone "contest" makes a link between sexual attractiveness, and the acquisition of luxury goods, which is of course completely misleading and could give young people the wrong idea of how life works in modern China.

....Chinese women were successfully pressured into humiliating themselves ...."

Who needs blog sites, when you've got this guy on the inside.

Fabulous catch. I wonder about the sub-editorial dorks at GT who are okaying this stuff.

Keep a copy for your records.

Don't give this stuff too much O2. Lets see what he comes up with next.

Still laughing. Cheers to you.


justrecently said...

The Global Times apparently tries to imitate Western (yes, I know, the west doesn't exist) media which deal with certain Chinese news as oddities.

"We have values of our own" is the implicit message. The only problem is that many Chinese readers will probably have laughed as hard as we did.

Martin Sheen should at once go on television and tearfully apologize on behalf of his son for his inability to keep up appearances and keep his mouth shut.
Umm... wasn't that Li Gang's father?

Anyway, that GT editorial is a precious oddity indeed.