Saturday 26 March 2011

Chris Devonshire Ellis: a two-bit thug

Chris Devonshire-Ellis's campaign of emailed threats continues. In the latest email, after accusing me of attempting to hack his email account (I haven't) he had this lovely little message for me:

"Be careful when walking to work in Wroclaw we don't want any accidents do we. I'm watching you. So are my friends."

It amazes me that this man wasn't exposed for his fabrications and thuggish threats such as the one above much sooner.


Anusnymous said...

This guy is a total nut, a complete mental patient. And I think he's obsessed with you. But basically he's just a dickless loser crying for attention. At one point you will have to cut the umbilical cord and let him return to his pathetic life and play with himself again.

justrecently said...

You are getting that completely wrong, Anusnymous. Be aware that you are talking about a venerable China expert here.

Where would the world of business be without him?

Anonymous said...

Leave him, his response says it all: my name is Chris and I am totally obsessed with my image because I have no confidence in myself whatsoever.

I heard he has a little FOARP doll on his desk which he uses for his daily voodoo routine.


James said...

Obviously these threats are hollow bleating but, while I'm usually loth to entertain red-top tabloid-style extremes, this guy really is unmitigated scum.

And I don't agree that he should just be ignored. Continue to expose him wherever and as much as possible as this is clearly what he fears.

Anonymous said...

this is getting creepier than the curly, armenian chest hair i found on my gouda cheese last night.
also it's unfolding into boyz in da hood , and ain't no one wanna be ricky...Foarp won't be intimidated by such shenanigans.
as snoop dog once said: my n++++a , i suggest therapy(for chris) and n++++a ---don't mean no ninja.

rick 'double negative' flair

Anonymous said...

This Chris guy is a nutcase. Be careful he probably wants to fuck you in the ass if he got the chance

Anonymous said...

FOARP says something so it must be true. Right.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure these emails have been send to Foarp. Chris is a real nutcase, everyone knows, even the man himself.

John Doe

justrecently said...

I agree with John. There's a long CDE-vs-bloggers history - both against Chinese and foreign bloggers.

Gilman Grundy said...

@Anonymous - CDE's emails by themselves tell you all you need to know about him. He reads these pages, so it's not like he doesn't know that I haven't been posting everything he sends me.

Of course, if he had any sense whatsoever, he'd realise how totally self-defeating it is to send threatening emails to someone if your goal is to discourage bad publicity.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand...are you saying that you're scared of him punching you and beating you up? So who would win a FOARP/CDE brawl? It looks like you're suggesting he would and is coming to Wroclaw to do it. Oohh er.

justrecently said...

You are certainly winning the who's-the-sorriest-wanker competition, Anonymous. Your comment suggests that you are lacking clarity of thought, and a basic set of ethic rules. Your dirty fantasies are spectacular, too. Your strife for the internet's lowest drawer looks promising enough.

Gilman Grundy said...

@JR - Yeah, I guess I should point out that the above "anonymous" comment of April the 3rd was posted from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, as have all the other comments revealing my identity, and threatening me, my friends, and my family.

This is a rather pathetic game, "anonymous". If you make criminal threats against someone, you don't then get to claim that you didn't mean them. You own your threatening, thuggish statements lock, stock, and barrel.

Like a boss of mine used to love saying: "this is not kindergarten". Here in the real, adult world we take responsibility for what we say.

That's why I did my due diligence on you. That's why I can stand by everything I've written about you. That's why you don't have a hope in hell of ever bringing a bona fide defamation case against me - because every word I wrote about you was true. That's why you've resorted to this campaign of intimidation and threats - a tacit recognition of the truth: you're a "total fabrication", a liar, and a thug.

Once again, everything you've said is now a matter of record. You've got to own it - nobody's going to let you walk away from it, least of all me.

justrecently said...

So the world isn't really that bad... I thought Anonymous was a randy bystander. Glad to know it's all from the same treasure chest of China expertise.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is our magnificent imaginary tax-lawyer again.

He was in Mongolia that day:

Chrissy boy... you are such a pathetic human being. Every time you show up here you expose yourself a little more.

Many thanks...again you have shown the readers of this blog that indeed you are the two-bit thug FOARP writes about.


Anonymous said...

I've seen so much reporting about CDE on here yet nothing about FOARP on his sites - not a tweet. So the obsession bit seems a bit off except for a group of folk who just seem to have it in for him. For everyone else, its old, boring and unsustaiable news that is motivated largely by jealousy. But I suspect Chris is the winner: having outed FOARP as Gilman Grundy, it may be difficult to issue writs for libel in Poland, but I suspect it wouldn't be for him in the UK or China. I imagine that Gilman's career in either is now rather in doubt should Mr.DE indeed wish to sue for libel.
Karma comes back to get you; and in the case of Mr.CDE - hardly a thug when I've met him - I suspect some chickens may well come home to roost for Mr. Grundy at some point. FOARP you've rather shot yourself in the foot here, in addition to revealing yourself to be a rather manic personality, you've made a future career in the UK or China somewhat unlikely. The smart money is on CDE, whereas you come across as someone who really needs to get a life.

Gilman Grundy said...

Errr. . . Chris. As a British citizen it should be quite possible to file against me in England. The problem is you have to have a case, and you don't have a case.

Back in the real world, foreigners can file libel suits against foreigners in the English courts, even for statements made in foreign countries, so long as they have an effect in England & Wales. Once again, if you were a real lawyer, you would know this. Unfortunately for you, you aren't. You never even finished your A levels.

Listen, I'm not some snob. I don't think that not finishing you A-Levels is a crime. But I do think that falsely claiming to have graduated with two undergraduate degrees is incredibly stupid. I also think that falsely claiming to be a lawyer and accountant is stupid.

Even more to the point, I think that threatening violence against the family and friends of someone who points out that you are lying about your qualification and experience is not only wrong, but criminal.

Let's put it like this: you're repeatedly trolling the pages of a blog which pretty much only my friends are still reading.

None of them are swayed by your arguments, instead they are amazed by the fact that you would even bring Ryan McLaughlin's children into this.

Have you no shame?

My advice: take the money you have, and retire.

Anonymous said...

Let CDE dring it on !!!
Let him sue you in an English court, mind you he would have to disclose his "real" identity MR Christopher Antony Bernard Ellis born 08/05/1959 in Epsom uk.
Unless he's changed his name by deed poll !!!
I think we would all like to see that.
A Friend.

Anonymous said...

As one of the long list of people that has been threatened & bullied by CDE - simply for pointing out that lying about his professional status is, well, unprofessional - I just wanted to point out that there would be no shortage of defence funds were he to take out a libel case in the UK. I'd stump up a contribution.

Alas, I doubt that we will see CDE making his own defence in court. While I do feel his ego would demand it, pretending to be a lawyer in court would be just one step to far ... for a man that has sailed the seven seas, trekked the Himalayas, whored his way around the Orient & led international law firms armed with an imaginary law degree.

Or would it ... ? Wishful thinking? :)

Matthew A. Sawtell said...

Good Grief, he is still doing business in P.R. China - after that Four Star FUBAR with currency 'quote' a couple of years ago?

So... how many red envelopes did he have to dole out to get his way out of that? Or is this a case of "his guanxi is too strong"?

Gilman Grundy said...

@Matthew - Chris's version of things is that it was all a misunderstanding, that the meeting took place (although he no longer claims that it was one-on-one like before), but that he didn't know it was off the record.

This, however, doesn't seem to match with what the CBRC said - that the interview never happened and was a "complete fabrication". It also doesn't match his original description of the meeting as a one-on-one private affair with someone who he met regularly.

Joe C said...

Now what a terrible thing you are saying about Devonshit, the 19th Baron of Coigach.

I mean, if you can buy yourself a crappy title, at least you'd also have the brains to buy yourself a law degree, no, Chris?

Anonymous said...

CDE a Baron? Goodness Gracious me!

Let's think about his coat of arms for a moment.

A shield with his fat ass in the center held by two naked Mongolian sisters. We need a catching phrase on top: "Non Gradus Anus Rodentum" which translates to: not worth a rat's ass.

Earl Grey

Gilman Grundy said...

Guys, Scottish Barony's are the only UK heraldic titles which can be bought and sold, so it's not like he had much choice. The asking price was £65,000 pounds.

Anonymous said...

CDE now has a title, it was brought as the family do not have any. An early birthday present to himself. (8th may)!
Enough said.

Anonymous said...

He is now claiming on his personal blog that he inherited the title. What a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like to upset any of you folk, jeez. Talk about flaming someone.

Anonymous said...

Mao Clone Maohammet IntheNameofJesus, aka Chris Devonshire Ellis often goes to forums like centurychina pretending to be Chinese.

Here is his youtube channel:

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy that blog here, please keep it alive.

Met CDE a couple of times in some bars in China. Last time I bumped into him was in April 2011 in Hong Kong on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Lockhard Road. Geez!

Does anyone know who that Meggie is he is hanging out with?


A German fellow!