Tuesday 4 August 2009

Exodus - movement of Jah people (or "how I became a re-expat")

Yes, the FOARP has given up all hope of getting a job back in the UK in the current climate and is back in the far east. When people of my acquaintance including a former KPMG accountant, a senior city programmer and a former Guardian journalist cannot find jobs in the UK, thinking that I can get a job there seems more than a bit foolish. Yes, I know this makes me the classic expat stereotype of someone going overseas because he couldn't make it back home, but I'd sooner be that than on the dole trying to wait out what, if we are not yet allowed to call it a depression, is certainly the worst recession since the war. My destination right now is Taiwan, but I'm going there by a somewhat circuitous route - more on that later . . . .

Monday 3 August 2009

GFW Theory

A Chinese internet censor quoted by CDT:

"[certain phenomena] may be true if you take a local perspective, but if you take the perspective of the whole, it is not true. For example, riots occur locally, it is true. But if you take the perspective of the whole country, [the society] is stable and peaceful; therefore to say our country has riots is not true. "