Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Chinese sense of humour

Saw this mock-up of a copy of the People's Daily overseas edition on the Yahoo! China Rises blog.

Seems that due to a wormhole forming in space/time an edition of this newspaper leaked into our dimension from a world in which China can test nuclear weapons in San Francisco, shoot and kill the Dalai Lama, bomb the Pentagon and build 'patriotic military bases' on the moon. It is also a world where Chinese basketball star Yao Ming can lead the Houston Rockets to the championship, one where Wen Jia Bao can visit Taiwanese provincial governor Ma Yingjiu (no doubt crossing the Taiwan Strait bridge pictured in the corner on his way there), a world where China has an aircraft carrier, and where the department of education rejects formalism and cancels all degree-level courses in Chinese universities. It is the world that exists in the head of the average Chinese university fen qing, and will never exist anywhere else.

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