Friday, 11 April 2008

Balanced and fair reportage from the China Daily

Tired of the western media deceiving you with its lying ways? How's about some real-to-god truth for a change! Here's the China Daily explaining why example people in the west should be ashamed for celebrating the work of Leni Riefenstahl - obviously the exposition of her work can only be because we westerners approve of it. Don't like that? How about learning about how Paris literally slapped itself in the face last monday. Hear the words of truth:

We Chinese translate France into "fa guo", which literally means a country that honors the rule of law. The translation itself shows Chinese respect for that country. However, from the joy of headline stories, the editors, reporters and lawmakers who are educated by the French civilization suddenly lost ability to tell right from wrong, and chose adamantly to side with the law-breakers and the criminals.

Of course, some would say that the fa in fa guo (法国) is just a shortening of fa lan xi (法兰西),the Chinese transliteration of France - similarly 英 being from 英格兰, 美 being from 美利加, 德 being from 德意志 and so on - but those are people brainwashed by western media bias.

It's a pity that people in the west don't get the real story, here is the China Daily bravely telling us first that theocracy has lost its roots in Tibet, and then how the people in Tibet are all following the Dalai lama - makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Why don't western writers show the kind of brilliant logic which allows columnist Li Xing to start an opinion piece with this . . .

There is no way we can liken the singing competition on China Central Television to Fox TV's popular American Idol show.

. . . and finish it with this . . .

It is futile for some people in the West to try to break the close bonds between the multi-ethnic groups in China.

And whilst western newspapers waste column inches on subjects like the sub-prime motagage problem, the Iraq war, the democratic convention, global warming, global food shortages and other meaningless topics, you can always trust the China Daily to give pride of place on its front page to a fascinating piece of investigative journalism like this:

Hu has close look at Hainan farms

Before attending the annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia, which opens tomorrow in the southern province of Hainan, President Hu Jintao inspected farms of the Li ethnic group in the island's southernmost region early this week and got to know the concerns of villagers firsthand.

Hu inquired about farmers' lives and learned from them the difficulties they faced.

Huang Zhengguang, a farmer who has been growing cowpea and other high-yield vegetables in the Ledong Li ethnic autonomous county, told the president of his worries.

"Fertilizer prices have gone up rapidly and it is not easy to buy diesel in the market," Huang said.

"I understand your concerns," Hu said. "The government will solve your difficulties soon."

See? The news you want when you want it!

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