Wednesday 10 December 2014

The United States: Rogue State.

There's pretty much no other way to read the details of the CIA's torture program without coming to a very simple conclusion : that the United States is currently harbouring people known to have committed war crimes of every imaginable variety including many of the very worst short of genocide. Inevitably, other countries, including quite probably the UK, were involved also, but the main driving force behind these war crimes seems to have come from the US's incompetent, scared leadership of the time.

If the United States does not investigate these crimes and punish those reponsible it will be little better than Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the People's Republic of China, and other countries where human rights are regarded by those in power as having little consequence, except that we may at least hope that the torture program is no longer operational.


Ji Xiang said...

I agree. Especially nowadays, when the Chinese and to some extent Russian governments are challenging the liberal democratic model and claiming that Western countries are hypocritical and no better than they are, it's especially important that the United States doesn't appear to prove them right.

justrecently said...

From McCarthyism to Northern Ireland, even old democracies and states built on the rule of law haven't always lived up to their own standards. That said, I think that "rogue state" is a problematic label.

Yes, you might consider the U.S., and correctly so if the injustice and brutalities remain unaddressed.

But then, try Australia, too. Anti-terrorism hysteria may well wreck what they all a "free press" there.

This is how a process of going rogue usually starts - gag the press.

justrecently said...

Correction / Update:

What I linked to a moment ago was just the beginning. Here is the instalment that followed it.