Sunday 28 September 2014

This Not What Democracy Looks Like

Thousand of peaceful demonstrators in Hong Kong gathered to protest Beijing's failure to allow meaningful democratic elections in the territory are scattered with tear-gas, whilst Chinese state television reportedly tries to explain the events as a mass celebration of the national holiday. Words fail.


Gilman Grundy said...

I agree with the analysis over on the Big Lychee blog (which y'all should read) - Occupy Central was dead in the water until the government decided that bombarding high-school students with tear-gas was a good idea. ou see, moves like that are tailor-made to create blow-back.

KT, the article you link to is just another example of the counter-productive heavy-handedness with which the PRC government goes about its affairs. Will ABC stop running stories on the Uighurs now that the PRC government has created a ready-made audience for their report on them and given them free advertising in the Aussie press? I kind of doubt it.

But hey, the CCP could try making it difficult for ABC to work in mainland China, in which case they would switch to reporting on China from . . . . Hong Kong.

Gilman Grundy said...

PS - moderation's back off.

Anonymous said...

@ Foarp. Took your advice and read latest on The Big Lychee.....excellent recommendation and the comments were a hoot, even if many of the references went past me.

This Occupy thing totally amazes me. Did a big scroll round and ended up at Hidden Harmonies, only to learn that I was a dupe of Western media. Really deflating.

Thnx for the heads up on that disappeared comment. Eight carefully crafted sentences which took ages to scribble. Among other things I was recommending A.C Grayling's Liberty in the Age of Terror.... most timely with this renewed war on terror, which has totally eclipsed all privacies on the net and phone. Am offering Edward Snowden a bolt hole in tubbyland.