Friday 23 March 2012

Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the comments of war . . .

I'm going to take the leash off for a while and see what happens. Some ground rules:

1) I know it says 'blogspot' in the URL, but this blog is mine and I reserve the right to delete any comment I like without prior warning. That said, with the exception of two individuals (see below) I have almost never deleted a comment on this blog without it being spam advertising.

2) Chris Devonshire-Ellis remains banned. Anyone else who sends me unsolicited and groundless emails filled with threats of physical violence will get the same treatment.

3) Wayne Lo/Mark Lau/'Mongol Warrior'/'Yihetuan' is banned. His rage-filled racist comments may be allowed by Hidden Harmonies, but they are not welcome here.

Any complaints - hit me up via email.

[See here for Marlon Brando's awesomely over-the-top performance of Scene 1, Act III of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar]


justrecently said...

FOARP, if you refrain from commenting on HH for only three months (yes, I know, that this can feel like a ages), peace will fill your heart, and when accidentally clicking a link that leads there afterwards, you will smile at those puerile identity issues there and close the window, without the slightest desire to leave a comment there.

Cracks aside, I felt tempted to comment there several times until a year ago, but a debate with Yehova's Witnesses about the real last day of the world might be more enlightening. At any rate, it wouldn't be more of a waste of time, than HH.

What's so fascinating about the Harmonists?

J. Cipriani said...

Obviously it is your decision to make, but banning him certainly does take out a not-too-insignificant entertainment value. I mean, in just about everything Devonshire-Ellis writes he does step on his dick.

IMHO, banning him is akin to the Sunday papers removing the cartoon section.

KingTubby said...

I agree with JRs para 1. While not as deeply involved as you, I got some counselling for my HH issues and it really worked. However My Manson imagery still stands.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with HH? Don't tell me it's racism because you can find Sinophobic racism all over the internet.

justrecently said...

I think it is about some of the regular commenters there, who sometimes float elsewhere, rather than about HH themselves. Those guys just have some identity issues. That's unfortunate, but no big deal.

To me, their inveterate flaw seems to be that they are mortified and sectarian, and trying to "reach out" to the other side of the aisle all the same, so long as that can happen at their terms.

I mean, who needs HH to play that role? I prefer the originals - China Radio International, or the Global Times.

As for Mongol Warrior, he crapped into my commenter threads once or twice, but didn't insist on a discussion.

justrecently said...

"Mongol Warrior" writes nothing new here, but I'd like to encourage you not to remove his comment, FOARP - unless he floods the threads with his pearls of wisdom.

Gilman Grundy said...

MW seems capable of everything except getting a life.

justrecently said...

MW seems capable of copying and pasting.

Unknown said...

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