Thursday 11 August 2011

"I don't believe in society"

. . . why is "Because I can" a sufficient motivation?

I guess you could restate "Not believing in society" in such numerous ways with enough leeway in the interpretation that it could be seen as in some way fundamental to the answer. I don't believe in society, I don't believe in consequences, I don't believe I can succeed, I don't believe in authority, I don't believe I will ever afford these trainers, I don't believe you will ever help me, I don't believe I can be stopped - all of these are a part of saying "I don't believe in society". Without that belief, society does not function effectively.

Lacking the belief in these things, simply being able to riot becomes motivation enough . . .

My brother, over Facebook today.

PS - I'd appreciate if y'all would leave a comment or three over at my bro's place when he finally posts the piece he's doing on the riots. The above is his sentiment, and I think it's a good one.

[Picture: A burnt-out car on Clarence road, Hackney, London, uploaded by Flickr user StolenGolem, via Wikipedia]


Anonymous said...

Camerons intellect really impresses me. Read this and die laughing. Great pre-Games PR.

Getting to the heart of the national malaise with original and reflective thinking by a political class beyond reproach.

Anonymous said...

Apologies. One more point. I categorically reject Cameron's latest proposal to export this criminal vermin to the ex-colonies. I strongly recommend that he watch Cool Hand Luke and look towards building an Angola-type prison farm somewhere in windy Scotland.

Gilman Grundy said...

KT, I was hoping that some large, mostly empty country would be willing to help us out on this.

Ah well, I guess there's always Canada . . .

Anonymous said...

Sorry FOARP. Chinese Canadian citizens would object on the grounds that the export plan would threaten their family values. And I'm not being flippant about family values.

Seriously, I can't believe the knee-jerk rubbish being pronounced by the tainted Whitehall elite.

No Future - John Lydon