Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Just a quick heads-up: Global Times to speak truth to power?

A reporter on the English-language version of the Global Times (the sister paper of the ultra-nationalist Chinese-language paper of the same name, both of which are printed under the auspices of CCP-mouthpiece People's Daily) has been tweeting about a new editorial stance for the paper's coverage of the "two meetings" being introduced tomorrow, with almost every subject being opened up for discussion, in fact . .


"The boss said that the only subject on which we cannot report is the personal issues of the leadership.

There's been a lot of false dawns in the progress of freedom of speech in China To my mind the freeing up of freedom of speech in a government-operated English-language newspaper may not actually add up to much, but then I may be wrong . . . .


Anonymous said...

FYI That reporter got pushed out.

Justin said...

GT may be not be a new animal but I think it will do better than Xinhua, People's daily.

the struggle in china for free-speech is not really publication vs publication but rather internally. There was once upon a time where people's daily was a pro-democratic paper who's journolist were relieved en masse.