Monday, 5 January 2009

FOARP Sinofool of 2008

Wow. There was so much material to work with last year that I genuinely have had trouble making my mind up about this one. However, I finally managed to make my mind up - and the winner is . . . .

BianXiangBianQiao's article on this year's Sanlu tainted milk scandal!

It is heartening to observe that foreign elements and forces have little influence over the Chinese authorities, on either their legitimacy or policy preferences. The rabid anti-China freaks/activists hurling insults on the Chinese during the Olympic torch relays indeed “hurt our feelings” but at the end of the day can do little damage, no matter how hard they try. Events since the beginning of this year tell us that the dynamics of the Chinese social and political lives are insulated from the outside, although China is by no means isolated. The Chinese society, including its authorities, responds to the Chinese, not foreign powers or activists.

That's right, a company which produced tainted milk powder for years on end, and which was eventually exposed by the Chinese government after being tipped off by the New Zealand authorities is an example of how the Chinese government responds to the Chinese, not those dirty foreigners.

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