Friday, 8 August 2008

China controls weather, predicts future . . .

This post had me chuckling:

Then, at 6.15am, before anything had even happened, we were handed a press release (distributed by the Propaganda Department of Badaling Special Zone Administrative Center.)

"At 6:30 on the morning of August 7th, the Olympic torch motorcade arrived at Badaling Great Wall scenic area. The Great Wall was covered in a holiday-like atmosphere with flags and sounds of gongs everywhere."

The press release went on...

"After the torch-bearer get to the top of the fourth watchtower in the north side and waved the torch at the crowd, 2008 pigeons flew up into the sky, and 2008 balloons were released [...] All the colour-bearers and volunteers were waving their flags and cheering for the completion of the torch relay."

It was slightly curious to read about all of this in the past tense when it hadn't even taken place.


Anonymous said...

Real news, with Chinese characteristics, worthy of "History, Chinese style".

Patrick St-Amand said...

Do you mean you were actually surprised? I'm curious about what you make of this whole "China Coming Out Party".
I have to say though, that the Chinese should stay the hell away totalitarianism, if only because they suck so much at it: they'll end up giving it a bad name.