Saturday 13 October 2007

It's Good To Be Back

As any ex-ex-pat knows, returning to your home country can be a bitter-sweet experience. Sweet because as much as you belong anywhere you belong in the country you were born and grew up in , bitter because the reasons you left in the first place are unlikely to have disappeared in the meantime. The best way to tackle it is to make it a forward step and not a backward one, and to keep in mind that there's nothing tying you to that place or any other.

Of course, none of this is seems much good when you are having to scale back your lifestyle to fit the living costs of the developed world, or when you are cursing yet another signal failure on the underground, only branching out into new areas can make up for things that you have given up.

Hence this blog.

I'm going to try and keep in with affairs back in the far east, keep my Chinese polished up and keep my writing skills going by running an ex-ex-pat China blog, as well as making a record of a year in my life that I'm sure is going to be pretty eventful both for me and for the world in general. I'll also see if I can't keep some commentary going on the crazy (well ok, mildly deranged) area of intellectual property and on London living in general - but don't hold me to it!

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