Friday, 11 March 2011

My Name Is Gilman Grundy

Hi there. For a long time I've been blogging using a handle (FOARP), but because someone's gone and revealed my identity, from now on, whilst I'm going to keep using the handle because I guess it's what people are most familiar with, you'll also be able to know exactly who I am.

A few things about me that some may find interesting:

- Whilst I think "fluent" is one of the most abused languages in the English language, my Chinese is at what they call "business-level", which means I can take part in meetings, give presentations, translate documents etc. in Chinese without embarassing myself too much.

- I work in IP, a career that has taken me from China to London to Japan to Poland, and which I greatly enjoy.

- I'm a big fan of Liverpool F.C.

- I once came second in a television song competition watched by millions, despite my blatant attempts at vote-rigging.

- I'm very interested in the connection between IP and competition law, something that no person who I have ever met was actually interested in.

You can read an interview with me here.

[Picture: Me giving a talk on the European Commission's decision in the Microsoft case at the EIPIN conference in Gerzensee, Switzerland, 2008]


Anonymous said...

No man, you didn't "reveal" jack shit. It's just there's people out there smarter than you are. That must hurt.

Jeremiah said...

I could care less. Gil or FOARP, you're still the same writer.

Though I do think it's pretty ironic that the person 'celebrating' your secret identity is doing so anonymously.

But then, I think that says a helluva lot more about them than it does about you.

justrecently said...

Nice to meet you, Gilman. That said, I'll still call you FOARP, if I may.

Human flesh searches are usually the hobby of bored little orcs with inferiority complexes and identity issues.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gil! Why don't we meet up at Pod Papugami, Niebo or Novacaina? Or discuss your time in Osaka over sushi at Szajnochy 11?
There's a few people who want to have a word and would love to see you! See ya soon!

TG said...

Yawn! People really have nothing better to do than stalk intelligent people? How pathetic.

Nice to meet you, Gilman. That's the price of fame, I guess. I'm speculating, because I don't know what caused this human flesh search.

justrecently said...

No idea here either, MKL. But I would guess that "Anonymous" is just another example of what CCP propaganda, alcohol, and the absence of good sex, can do the human brain.

Anonymous said...

FOARP - aka Gilman Grundy - has been a very very naughty boy. Haven't you Gil?

Ryan said...

Commenting as "anonymous" on a post about losing anonymity is lame. Man up.

Anonymous said...

Nah, surely not. FOARP did it for years and posted lots of nasty comments about real people at the same time. The little scallywag, 'eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan! Cool to be in Hainan huh? Nice wife and kid!!!
We're so glad to see you happy, after putting online where other people's children went to school and all!!! Its just such a happy family here at FOARP. What a reunion!!! From Warsawa to Nan Sha who'd have believed it? All we need now is Enriquo and we have the whole set!!! Adidos Amigos!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Anonymous. You are a very sick puppy, and you remind me of a 1950's Bette Davis movie.

Listen scumbag, I would recommend counselling, but I suspect you are beyond it.

I think JR nailed you. Absence of a sex life.



justrecently said...

KT: I second and third what Taide wrote on the Japan thread. Let's discuss the issues here, and just deny "anonymous" the sex ersatz he's craving for here. No need to reply to each of his comments.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like its FOARP whose been nailed. He's gone very quiet all of a sudden now he's been busted.

Anonymous said...

It's CDE again. The troll from the dark forest has returned. How sweet! Now be a good boy and go clean your room.

funny, funnier, CDE