Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Modern Heavyweight Boxing Sucks

The conclusion of one sedentary sports fan on the heavyweight-hitters of today:

I have always thought that the Klitchkos get bad press, in the main, because they're intelligent, educated, good-looking Ukrainians who carry around Phd.s and world championship belts, winning a lot of fights simply by being better than the other guy.

This is, I feel, certainly a valid point.They are, however, the first fighters I saw to use the tactic of hitting their opponent's lead arm so as to nullify the jab. Sure; they look for the right through the middle to follow, but this makes for a lot of pawing and a spectacle not unlike two 6 year old girls having a mild tiff.

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Justin said...

Mayweather is still far and away the most talented and entertaining fighter to watch if you're not just out for a slug-fest. He is sheer genius imo.

With heavy weight a lot of the finesse and technique goes out the window.