Sunday, 31 May 2009

ChinaSMACK under denial of service attack

Yes, I know, nothing will make the nationalistic fenqing who most probably pulled this little stunt off happier than seeing the expat-o-sphere whining about it, but this really cooks my goose. There's nothing I hate more than an attempt to censor something which was both fun and totally non-blameworthy by kill-joy dweebs. I had my own little bust-up with an over-sensitive individual earlier this year, his chosen method was to threaten legal action (although, for some reason, never against me), these guys prefer to get their robot computers to bombard the website out of existence, but it adds up to the same thing. Two things to note:

1) DoS is totally not the Chinese government's MO. This has to be a hacker attack.

2) It is impossible to believe that the hackers wouldn't first have tried to get ChinaSMACK blocked by the CCP-run Great Fire Wall if they really wanted to put it out of business. Why is ChinaSMACK still unblocked?

Give the link a try here.

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HBoB said...

Can't see any chance the Chinese government would bother to block the ChinaSMACK.
And it is still accessible in China, today without any Proxy, or VPN.
And hackers did not have to come from China, although the ChinaSMACK speaks a lot of China.